Romanian Language Course for Foreigners

Together with us, you will learn Romanian in an efficient and practical way! Our courses are clearly structured and elaborated in Romanian, guaranteeing smooth progression through a balanced combination of vocabulary and grammar. Each program includes fundamental notions of grammar, basic vocabulary, and specific structures of the living language to facilitate interaction in concrete situations.

Our teachers are experts with vast experience in teaching Romanian, certified by specialized institutions. They are fully dedicated to your success, providing clear and practical explanations, with visible results from one lesson to the next. Each course is designed to develop the five fundamental skills: understanding spoken language, oral expression, understanding written language, correct writing of a text, and interaction in conversation.

Types of courses:

  • For professionals: Specially designed courses for adults in the business and professional environment, focused on the specific language of various fields of activity.
  • For students and teenagers: Courses dedicated to young people, adapted to their needs and academic goals.
  • For children: Groups and lessons specially designed for young learners, adapted to the school curriculum through educational activities and interactive games.

Flexibility and evaluation

Our course schedules are flexible and agreed upon with the teacher. Each student will participate in an initial interview and a written test to determine their knowledge level. Periodic evaluation through tests helps monitor progress and adjust the study program.

At the end of the course, a diploma is issued specifying the student’s competence level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), qualifying them for exams organized by the Romanian Language Institute (ILR).

Course formats:

  • Small groups (4-6 students)
  • Individual lessons
  • Online and on-site courses: Colentina (Sos. Fundeni nr. 292) / Voluntari (B-dul Voluntari nr. 93-95, opposite Smart Expo)